Blumax® SLB-11A SLB11A Dual Twin LCD Camera Battery Mains Charger features High and Low Charging Modes for Samsung CL80 EX1 HZ50W HZ35W ST5500 ST5000 TL500 WB660 WB650 WB610 WB600


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This Dual LCD Charger is a modern dual battery charger with advanced features and LCD display. After plugging the charger and mounting batteries the charger tests battery charge level and begins charging in the chosen mode. The ‘L’ mode charges slowly, but the battery is charged better – it will last longer. The ‘H’ mode is faster so that you can get your batteries charged faster when in a hurry. The built-in microchip protects the batteries from overheating and overcharging. When the batteries are fully charged and ready for work the process will stop. Please note this is a Blumax branded charger

  • Intelligent Blumax Dual Charger charges two lithium-ion batteries at the same time.
  • Recognizes when charging, the charging voltage required, so no battery damage occurs.
  • Dual charging modes (Faster Mode for quick charge and Low Speed Mode for normal charge)
  • As a little extra at the side of the Chargers a USB port for additional charging of mobile devices (5V, 2100mAh)
  • CE RoHS & BS1363 Compliant, Short Circuit Protection, Package Includes: 1x LCD Dual Dock 1x UK Mains Charger