ChargerCity Exclusive DSLR Smartphone Hot Shoe Flash Camera Mount for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 4 S5 S6 Edge Apple iphone 6s 6 Plus HTC ONE Sony Xperia Motorola MOTO X LG G4 G3 PRO Google Nexus 4 5 Nokia Lumia Multi Angel Swivel Adjustment Video recording 1/4″-20 tripod Adapter & Easy-Adjust Smartphone Holder *Use Both DSLR Camera & record w/phone simultaneously*


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Ever want to take a picture with your DSLR Camera but also want to record with your smartphone at the same time? Every thought about being in a picture but want to see the picture before its taking? Here comes ChargerCity’s simple solution to both of those question. Our new Smartphone 1/4-20 adapter + flash Hot Shoe adapter kit is just the solution you need. With the ChargerCity Smartphone Tripod adapter kit, you can do all that as simply as 1-2-3. 1) Connect the 1/4-20 Hotshoe adapter to your DSLR Camera, 2) Connect the 360º smartphone holder 3) Put your phone into the holder. No Tools needed and you can install everything in less than a minute. (Compatible with all Smartphone up to 3.5″ Wide, that pretty much cover all existing smartphones) *Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 5 Edge S5 S6 Apple iphone 6s Plus 6 5S 5 4S Plus HTC ONE Sony Xperia Z2 Z3 Motorola MOTO X LG G3 G4 PRO Google Nexus 4 5 Nokia Lumia 1520 1320 1020 Phone*

  • Brand New, Easy to install Smartphone Video Camera to DSLR Camera Flash Hot Shoe Mount (1/4-20 connection also compatible with Tripod))
  • Universal Hotshoe Adapter Compatible with all DSLR Camera & Universal 1/4″-20 connection compatible with all tripod
  • Compatible with any existing camera with aviliable flash hot shoe slot or Tripod with 1/4-20 connection
  • Adjustable Spring Lock Holder compatibe with any smartphone up to 3.75″ wide *Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 3 Edge S5 S4 Apple iphone 6 5S 5 4S Plus HTC ONE Sony Xperia Z2 Z3 Motorola MOTO X LG G2 G3 PRO Google Nexus 4 5 6 Nokia Lumia 1525 1520 1320 1020*
  • ChargerCity Manufacture Direct Replacement Warranty (No Need to contact 3rd party, Manufacture will warranty your product directly)