Cherry Picking


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The debut novel by Tim Heath

#1 Crime Thriller in UK download Chart

#1 Conspiracy Thriller in the USA download Chart

Read what this reviewer says:

“Doubtful at first, but wow…kept with it and found an amazing book!

Fantastic read!! Longer than most books I’ve read lately, but worth every minute. Intriguing, interesting plot…You have to continue reading beyond the first few pages…at first, I thought that the book didn’t make sense, wasn’t my style of reading, but I pursued a bit farther and really found myself caught up in the story, and the characters!! Amazing!”

So make sure you stick with it long enough to discover what this reader/reviewer did!

The back cover blurb:

Nigel Gamble is a man with everything – including a dark past. He took his name from his early business successes, but in reality none of it was based on risk – only certain success.

Every decision Nigel has ever made in business, people, sport or life had been based on some prior knowledge.

When a stranger appears it shakes his rich world to the core.

But Nigel has been waiting for him – and preparing.

Now it’s a fight to the death – there can be only one winner.

You’ll find this debut novel an enjoyable read, a brilliant book. Plenty of conspiracy, crime, mystery and maybe even a little time travel – who could ask for more?

“A book that gets teenage boys reading again!”

The best of the other reviews:

“Took a little while to settle into, but interesting along the way. Once the direction is revealed and the intrigue begins to build you’re hooked! Forget putting this book down! With a hero I’d love to meet, a bad guy worthy of a Bond villain and a great supporting cast, you are drawn into a world of possibilities. As the tension builds, the stakes are raised and the plot winds its way through a complex series of events, the reader is challenged to keep up. But is this really the end? Where is the end and where is the beginning? More please Tim!”

“As soon as I read the overview on the back of the book I was completely intrigued, and as I started to read the book I became even more engrossed by the story. I loved the way the stories and characters intertwined, and it kept me guessing to the end! It was just the kind of thriller that I love, with lots of unexpected turns. A third of the way through the story goes into a completely different level that I wasn’t expecting, and I was fascinated by the whole concept. It’s the kind of story that you just can’t imagine how it’s all going to end. A really brilliant novel that keeps you guessing to the end and I loved reading it this summer and was sad to come to the end of it. I can really imagine it as a blockbuster film and it would be the sort of film that when I saw the preview..I would have to go and see! I can’t wait to read the next Tim Heath novel! Absolutely brilliant.”

“Cherry Picking was a delightful read, quick and highly entertaining. Lots of interesting twists and creative concepts. Well worth reading. A memorable story with a great conclusion. I could definitely see this book end up as a movie. Highly recommended!”

“Cherry picking is a real page turner! Great characters, suspense and plot twists all the way through. It started like a Tom Harris/Michael Dobbs political thriller, with a huge twist of sci-fi that took it to the next level.Looking forward to the next one!”

“Bought this book a few days ago and have been reading non stop.

This is a really good story with an author behind the book with a tale nearly as exciting!

Buy this book and have a read with a story that’s as good as ever I’ve read.

Looking forward to future books!”

Cherry Picking is a great debut novel that like all adventures, takes you on a great journey from start to finish. Expect to have your imagination stretched as each of the characters own stories are interwoven and their true selves are unveiled.”

“Exciting, action-packed thriller”