Cycling Running Outdoor Sports Sunglasses With Exchangeable 5 Lenses Unbreakable/Polarized/UV400


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Product Description

*Frames using military agents Resin High time molding technology, piano paint, removable mirror legs, high strength, high wear resistance, high toughness, impact resistance, breathable

*CE, removable and more comfortable.

*Senior Air bulletproof proof PC lens, with a five-color lens options; UV400 UV Index

*3D WRAP ergonomic settings

*TR-90 memory materials:

Different feature of 5 Lenses

*Dark polarised: Radiation can be messy outside light, scattered light, water light filtered into the soft direct light, so that they no longer cause damage to the eyes 2 This can also prevent UV, anti-vertigo.

*Bright multicolored mirror: You can absorb light in the blue, purple, can absorb almost 100% of the ultraviolet and infrared, can block the smooth and shiny surface reflects light, the wearer can see any subtle part, is the ideal choice for motorists.

*Colorless transparent mirror: Low reflective, more suitable cloudy.

*Blue mirror: improve visual clarity and contrast in air pollution or foggy case wearing

*Yellow brightening Mirror: Increases the effect of ambient light, improve contrast, providing accurate image, suitable for night travel