DURAGADGET 3-In-1 USB Multi Charger Adaptor In Blue For Visual Land Prestige 10 16GB Android 4.1 Tablet – Including Micro USB, Apple 30 Pin & Apple Lightning Connectors


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Introducing DURAGADGET’s brand new, funky ‘Swiss-Army-Knife’ style multi USB charger adaptor, finished in a bright sky blue! The ultimate must-have in charging technology, this gadget allows you to charge or transfer data to or from your iPod / iPhone, iPad and any other device with a Micro USB port, all at the same time from one convenient place!
Our handy multi charger features three separate connectors:

Use the Apple 30 Pin connector for charging your iPod or older models of iPhones, from the original iPhone up to the iPhone 4S.
Use the Apple Lightning connector for charging iPads and the newer models of iPhones, from the iPhone 5 to the latest iPhone 6 / 6 Plus.
Use the Standard Micro USB connector for charging all other devices including smartphones, tablets, speakers, smartwatches, cameras, etc. with a Micro USB charging port.

The charger body features a bright blue LED light to indicate when your device is charging or syncing. Each charger has a flexible, bendy ‘arm’ and allows you to charge three devices together comfortably when plugged into your PC, tablet or laptop.

Made from durable, lightweight hard plastic, this charger will eliminate the need for individual, messy cables – keep all the chargers you need close to hand for quick and easy use in one compact, pocket-sized, must-have gadget!

  • DURAGADGET’s multi USB adaptor is the perfect charging accessory for your beloved gadgets!
  • Featuring 4 ‘flexi’ arms: USB 2.0, Apple 30 Pin, Apple Lightning and standard Micro USB connector
  • Charge multiple devices at once, saving you valuable time and space!
  • No more unsightly cables everywhere – keep all your chargers close to hand in one handy, compact gadget!
  • Available in 5 funky colours: White, Pink, Orange, Blue & Black