DURAGADGET Hot Pink Aluminium Crayon Touch Screen Stylus For Visual Land Prestige 10, Ewind 9″ Android 4.1 Phablet & Jellipad Android Kids Tablet


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Introducing DURAGADGET‘s new capacitive touchscreen stylus pen, specially designed for use with all touchscreen devices, allowing you the freedom to create amazingly precise pictures in apps like Art Set and Draw Something!

This fantastic product makes creating art on your device feel just like the real thing, eliminating frustrating errors caused by using your fingers and leaving you free to enjoy the creative process. Our stylus is also ideal for those who just want to preserve a clean screen, free of annoying smudgy fingerprints.

Featuring a funky ‘crayon’ design, the stylus has a solid slimline construction, soft rubber tip to protect your screen from scratches, and an ergonomic hexagonal shape to aid grip.

Ideal for drawing apps as well as apps that need precision such as: Draw Something, Art Set, Adobe Ideas, iDraw, iMockups, Brushes App, Drawing Pad, SketchyPad, SketchPad HD, Penultimate, Moodboard Pro, HelvetiNote, Layers Pro, Artist’s Touch, Masque, Draw for iPad, SketchBook Express etc.

  • Our capacitive stylus greatly improves precision for touchscreen devices – perfect for creative apps like Draw Something and Sketchbook Pro!
  • Made of stong, light-weight and durable satin-effect aluminium
  • Ergonomic ‘pencil’ shaped design creates a comfortable, authentic feel and secure grip
  • Improve your art and impress your friends with this cool hot pink ‘crayon’ style stylus
  • Keeps your screen free of greasy smudges, scratches and fingerprints