Flying for First Timers: Everyone’s Guide to Airline Travel


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Handle airports and airlines with confidence! Dozens of ways to save money and time, whether you fly twice a year or haven’t flown for ages. Fast forward past beginner and go right to being a pro when it comes to travel insurance, online ticketing, boarding passes, being comfortable, and getting a better seat on the day of flight. Breeze through the TSA screening process after reading these great tips from an actual baggage scanner designer! Jet lag no more; feel your best the day after you land, and get a whole extra day at your destination! This book contains a list of foods you can pack in your carry-on and bring on board. The art of handling delays and cancelled flights; a couple of options so you do not have to sleep on the floor at the airport. Lost bags: how to prevent it from happening, and if it does, how to ensure your bags find you as quickly as possible. When to ask for your ‘immediate essentials’ money from the airline! A pre-flight checklist, for peace of mind while you’re away from home. A brief guide to packing light. The easy way to make seven to fourteen day trips with just carry-on luggage possible, if you want to. It can be done with the clothes you own today, no shopping necessary. Everything you need to reduce stress and improve your ability to handle any turn of events on your trip, all in one place.