Flying With Lunatics: Find Your Flow By Letting Go


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This unique book is best described as a survival manual for the emotionally wounded in a co-dependent world. James Solomon combines ideas drawn from philosophy, quantum physics, psychology, twelve step traditions, mysticism and spirituality with poetry, quotations and his own cartoon illustrations to delve into the recurring sources of emotional dysfunction that afflict our modern lives.

Seeking common threads between different traditions, this book weaves a compelling and accessible treatise on challenging and contentious ideas such as free will, forgiveness and guilt, Oneness, the nature of reality and the meaning of God. This part anecdotal and part philosophical journey culminates in an distillation of our accumulated, cross-cultural wisdom into five pillars for peace – a simple recipe for living according to the wisdom of millennia that will serve our highest good and alleviate our suffering in this world.

The title, FLYING WITH LUNATICS, refers to a powerful metaphor that is revisited throughout the book where the author compares the way we are conditioned by the physical world as we grow, to being students at a flying school with randomly assigned instructors who represent the full spectrum of possible levels of expertise. At one extreme, we have the unqualified teacher who is possibly even deranged and at the other, the skilled practitioners and gifted teachers. Just like our assignment of caregivers in life, our instructor will appear to be a matter of random chance.

We may not know enough in our earliest lessons to even detect that there is a problem but we will sooner or later realize that our progress is not like other students. Even when we eventually discover that our teacher is at worst drunk or crazy and at best, well meaning but inept, we must face the sickening truth that there is not much we can do about it. Imagine sitting in your tiny aircraft climbing awkwardly to 10,000 feet and only then realizing that your instructor is clueless, erratic and possibly intoxicated. What do you do?

This isn’t so different from the dilemma many of us must face at some point in our lives. We enter the world more helpless and dependent than any other species and often we fail to realise that we have been propelled along a misguided path until considerable damage has been done to our self image.

Flying With Lunatics offers practical ideas to help us find self-acceptance and healing.