Georgina Campbell’s Ireland: The Guide – Ireland’s most comprehensive guide book to Hotels, Restaurants and Pubs (The Best Places to Eat, Drink and … Ireland: The Guide All the Best Places to)


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All “Georgina Campbell Guides” follow a strict policy – establishments are selected through merit alone, they are judged through unbiased assessment made by anonymous inspections – all are included in the guides for free. ‘Life’s too short for bad food and mediocre accommodation. That’s why “Georgina Campbell’s Ireland – The Guide” never leaves my sight…this is the most comprehensive and reliable guide to Irish hospitality’ – Jillian Bolger, “The Sunday Tribune”. ‘For the foodie library’ – Darina Allen, “The Village”. ‘I have to thank Georgina Campbell’s encyclopaedic “Ireland Guide”…’ – Tom Doorley, “Irish Times”. ‘Honest, impartial and written with passion. The Guide is the only hotel guide in this country that experts take seriously’ – “The Dubliner Magazine”. ‘Georgina Campbell is Ireland’s leading food and hospitality writer…the same honesty has applied to her comprehensive and critically acclaimed independently assessed guides to Ireland’s best places to eat, drink and stay…’ – “The Dubliner”. ‘Ireland’s Premier Guide’ – “The London Guardian”. ‘Many such guides out there…but this is The Business, The Big Kahuna…let’s not beat about the bush, this is quite definitively The Guide. ..authoritative, detail(ed), no nonsense…Car glove compartments at the ready for this one, if you don’t mind’ – “The Aerlingus Cara Magazine”. ‘Takes the guess work out of holidaying, eating out, or even selecting a good pub in Ireland’ – “Irish Homes”. ‘Best Guide Book’ – “Harpers & Queen Magazine”.