His Princess (A Royal Romance)


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I’m no Cinderella, and he’s no Prince Charming…

The Crown Prince took me prisoner. You read that right. Crown Prince. Castle, throne, the whole nine yards. The monarch of a totalitarian regime has locked me up in his fortress, and he demands that I marry him… and provide him with an heir!

Me. The girl from Jersey. Trust me, I’m no princess. He’s the last man I’d choose for my prince.

He’s an arrogant jerk and has a stick up his…you know where. But that dark hair, those deep blue eyes, those strong arms, those perfect abs, that humongous… sword. I can’t stand him, but I can’t take my eyes off him.

I’m not marrying him and I’m definitely not his subject. If he wants me to be his princess, he better treat me like one or he can take his crown and shove it.

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