iTALKonline PIPO M9 10.1 inch Android Tablet Green PRO Captive Touch Tip Stylus Pen with Rubber Tip with Roller Ball Pen


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The large stylus pen has an omnidirectional tip which you are able to use on-screen in any direction you wish. This allows for accurate on-screen movements, drawings and precision touches. With the use of a stylus, on-screen fingerprints and smudges will be significantly reduced which improves screen clarity enabling you to use your PIPO M9 10.1 inch Android Tablet for a much longer time without getting frustrated and having to clean it. This stylus will work with all capitative touch screen tablets and phones, which is 99% of the latest devices. If the great stylus wasn’t enough for you, there is a built-in ballpoint pen at the other end which is revealed by twisting off the cap. This means you can take the stylus everywhere with you – and always have somewhere to use it.

  • Executive Office-Style Pen with a built-in Stylus on the other end (which works on all capacitive Touch Screen Devices, such as SmartPhones, Tablets, GPS, etc.)
  • Omni-directional stylus ensures accurate navigation and facilitates typing on your touch screen
  • Convenient clip ensures you always have the stylus with you, whether attached to a case or a pocket
  • Reduces fingerprint smudges on the screen of your device improving clarity
  • Compatible with PIPO M9 10.1 inch Android Tablet.