Jameson Hotel Series: Parts 4-6 (Box Set)


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I’m handsome as fuck, a god in the bedroom, and my family’s protector. I’d give my life for every damn one of them. But no one’s gonna kill me. I’m smarter and more experienced than any scum who crosses my path… except for a sick beast who just checked into my hotel. He’s carrying a dark secret that may put me in my grave, if my son doesn’t get to me first.
Mark’s my everything, and even though he’s an arrogant prick, I love the crazy bastard. He’s the only man besides my dad who’d give his life for me. Yeah, my dad. I’ve invited him to Mark’s hotel for dinner, and when the two meet… well, let’s just say the shit hits the fan. I love them both, but someone may end up dead.
My dad’s such an ass. I can’t believe I’m living in his freakin’ hotel in the middle of some bumfuck mountains. Lucky me. Turns out I’m just like him too – a good-looking, foul-mouthed, quick-witted, smooth operator. But at sixteen, I’m not taking orders from him. Seriously, if he fucks with me, I’m gonna kill him.
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This series may be disturbing to some readers due to strong language, explicit sexual content, violence and murder.