Laulax® 3 Pairs Cushioned Finest Wool Socks


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Finest wool is used for our Laulax wool socks. 100% natural wool is collected. By using a unique Laulax wool selection technology, we only select the finest, longest and most durable wool to manufacture our wool socks, our wool socks have also been specially processed to make them extra soft, comfortable, color-fast and durable.

  • 3 Pairs of Laulax High Quality Finest Wool Socks in an environmentally friendly gift bag. The Laulax gift bag is reusable and resealable ideally for travel or tidy up.Laulax UK registered brand exclusively for high quality socks
  • Comfort cuff with long hose for boots or wellies
  • Full susioned sole for extra comfort
  • No-slip Y-stitch heel, Reinforced toe and heel
  • Colorfast fabric and technology, machine washable, No color loss.