ROMANCE: The Fae Darkness: Shimmer Wing Trilogy, Book 2 (Demon Faery Fantasy Time Travel Romance) (Young Adult Paranormal Romance: Shimmer Wing Trilogy)


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Caitlin’s boyfriend is missing, taken and being held by a power she only knows as ‘the darkness’; the only way she can save him is to tap into her newly discovered Fae power. The only catch? She doesn’t know how…

To say that Caitlin is overwhelmed is an understatement.

Grainne has just told her that she comes from a long line of faeries, the creepy psychic Kiera tells her that her parents might still be alive, and her boyfriend Finn has been taken by the darkness. It is up to Caitlin to unravel these secrets and find Finn before it’s too late.

Now that Caitlin has returned to Killarney, she is eager to uncover the answers to all of the questions that are boiling in her mind and save Finn. Unfortunately, the answers don’t come easily. Out of desperation, Caitlin visits Kiera in hopes of a clue that might lead her to her parents or Finn.

It seems that no one can help her. Caitlin is lost and scared but who can she turn to?

Note: This is the 2nd short story in the Shimmer Wing Trilogy.

**2 bonus stories included!!**