Romantic Comedy: Money and Lies New Adult & College: Collections& Anthologies( Inspirational SPECIAL FREE BOOK INCLUDED) ((Romantic Books, Romance Novels, … Novel, Contemporary Romantic Comedy, F)


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Katie and Bruce are a normal, young professional couple. Like everybody else their age, they seem to be happy and vibrant with a promising future as far as everyone can see. However, they hide a dark secret that is threatening to explode at any moment: they are dead broke and in a constant struggle to make ends meet. They try hard to impress their friends and to keep them from finding out about their real financial situation, but it’s a battle.

As they struggle to put food on the table and to pay their mounting bills, they become involved in a number of slightly illegal and completely ridiculous situations. From shoplifting to searching in bins, Katie and Bruce will stop at nothing to keep up with appearances. It’s amazing how far they are willing to go just to make sure that others continue to believe that they are rich.

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