Slumbersac Baby Sleeping Bag 1 Tog – Dancing Bear, Jersey – various sizes: from birth up to 3 years


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Slumbersac Baby Sleeping Bags – the safe and comfortable way for all babies to sleep. It is quite normal for babies to wake regularly during the night, particular in the first few months. However, research has proven that when waking babies wriggle causing them to kick off, tangle in, or even slip down under conventional blankets and duvets. Either way, your baby becomes either too hot or too cold. It is this discomfort which can cause distress and the inevitable crying!
Slumbersac replaces blankets and duvets keeping baby at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. Your baby will be warm and therefore be more likely to go back to sleep. The longer your baby sleeps means more sleep for you!

All Slumbersac Sleeping Bags come in three sizes from Birth (8lb) up to around 36 months. You have a choice of two tog ratings. 2.5 tog is the standard for year round use while the lighter 1.0 tog is used in warmer rooms.

After the night time bath simply pop your baby into its Slumbersac for a cuddle; the transition to cot is then simple and less stressful. Baby Sleeping Bags are ideal when traveling, on holiday or sleepovers as babies feel more at home in their Slumbersac.
All Slumbersac Sleeping bags are 100% Cotton lined and can be easily machine washed and tumble dried. br> Visit our Storefront to view all Slumbersac sleeping bag designs, 1 Tog sleeping bags and lots more.

  • Jersey is a soft, cosy fabric – ideal for baby sleeping bags – and our Dancing Bears-embroidered bag is perfect for both baby girls and baby boys. Made with 100% soft pure cotton, this Jersey Slumbersac allows easy movement for stretching and wriggling. For general use throughout the year, ideal for room temperatures of 15 – 21 degrees
  • Machine wash at 40 degrees and low heat tumble dry.
  • Slumbersac baby sleeping bags come in three sizes:
    Size 1: birth (4kg/8 lbs) up to 6 months
    Size 2: 6 up to 18 months
    Size 3: 12 months up to two years when folded and three years when extended
  • All sizes have a centre zip.