Soft Poly No Lace Modesty Panel Cleavage Cover Chemisettes by Anne 5 Sizes


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Our tested, patented design attaches with elastic loops and buttons, allowing almost anyone to get a perfect fit. (Use our measuring instructions and size chart in the image above to determine your chemisette size.) The tension it creates allows you to choose how low (not visible at all) or high to wear it (cover cleavage, scars, tattoos, skin conditions or just for a pop of color) and keeps the panel lying flat as you move around. If the panel feels loose after wrapping the loops around the buttons, double-wrap them around one or both bra straps. You can also double-wrap the elastic loops around the buttons for extra confidence. We have taken our popular chemisette and adapted it for yet another function – travel wallet. The back of the chemisette has an extra layer of fabric that creates a pocket. Put your cell phone, cash, tissue and more in your chemi-pocket instead of your bra. The outer garment keeps the bottom edge from coming out as you move through your day. Chemisettes by Anne were chosen for inclusion in the celebrity gift bags at the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Event. “These [chemisettes] are amazingly wonderful! I already own 16 colors. I absolutely love them. They perfectly cover my ample cleavage and stay put!” (CH, CA) “I purchased quite a few [chemisettes] for an extended vacation. They were wonderful and worked beautifully. I feel comfy and secure. I would even say they are the best accessory a lady can have!” (LH, MA) Our peach skin travel wallet is made using a high quality polyester fabric called peach skin. It is soft and lightweight. If you want to wear it to be seen, it blends well with most fabrics. It is easy to care for and fairly wrinkle-resistant. A double-layer of fabric further assures high quality, long wear, functionality and a nice appearance. We do not pre-wash our fabrics. Machine wash and dry to soften. Iron on low heat as needed. This listing is for one chemi-pocket.

  • The patented elastic loop and button attachment (No. US 8, 371,901 B2) creates tension to keep it at the height you choose; Double-wrap the loops around bra straps to get best personal fit; double-wrap around buttons for extra confidence that it will stay attached
  • Determine your chemi-pocket size using our measuring instructions/size chart in image; elastic loop and button attachment works on any bra strap regardless width or thickness
  • UK customers: on purchases over £15, vat and/or customs charges “must be paid once the goods have arrived in the UK but before goods are delivered.” (UK gov website)
  • 100% polyester modesty panel; lightweight, silky, soft peach skin fabric; self-lined; no lace; machine wash gentle; tumble dry low, low heat iron as needed
  • Made in the U.S.A. with high quality materials by skilled seamstresses.