Softleaves D100 Silicone Breast Form size 5 or X-Large DD for bra size 30DD 32D , 34C , 36B , 38A , 39AA The Sale is for a complete Set that contains one Breast Form Softleaves Breast Cover Two Breast Pads Softleaves Travel Box + Softleaves Adhesive Tape Bodytape to make the forms self adhesive forms


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What will you receive ? 1- One piece of Softleaves® D100 silicone breast form . 2- A specially designed, high quality travel box to protect the breast forms after use. 3- One 100% cotton Softleaves breast form cover with each form . 4- Two breast pads . 5- One Softleaves Double-Sided skin adhesive tape 2.5 cm x 3 meters to be used if you want to make the breast form self-adhesive and stick to the skin . Please note that the item will be sent in a discreet packaging

  • This sale is for a complete set of Softleaves D100 High Quality Silicone Breast Form than contianes ( 1- one Softleaves D100 Breast Form 2- One Softleaves Double-sided adhesive tape to make the breast form self-adhesive 3- Two breast pads 4- One Softleaves cotton breast cover that is used if you dont want the breast form in direct contact with the skin or to make the breast form more comfortable 5- One Softleaves Travel Box with blister inside it to protect the breast form
  • Softleaves® D100 Silicone Breast Forms are very high quality full silicone breasts , Designed as enhancers for women with flat chest (very small or no breasts ), Water-Drop Shape to match the curves of the chest cage giving perfect fit and comfort; therefore providing the feel and look of having large breasts.· Symmetrical , therefore, both breasts can be used on either the left or right side.
  • Size : This breast form is suitable to be used with bra size 30DD , 32D , 34C , 36B , 38A , 39AA
  • Dimensions of the form is : 15.5 x 14.5 x 5.5 cm , Wight : 340 g , Softleaves Breast form size is 5 , you can find the matching bra size on the chart provided in the photos .