Softleaves D100 Silicone Breast Form with Natural colour nipples size C or 3 for bra size 30C , 32B , 34A , 36AA The Sale is for a complete Set that contains one Breast Form + Softleaves Breast Cover + Two Breast Pads + Softleaves Travel Box + Softleaves Adhesive Tape Bodytape to make the forms self adhesive forms This Silicone Breast Form can be used as Breast Enhancers for bigger breasts simlilar to big breasts that you get when you do Breast Enlargement or breast augmentation or silicone breast implants not for breast prosthesis after mastectomy or breast cancer


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What will you receive ?
1- One piece of Softleaves® D100 silicone breast form .

2- A specially designed, high quality travel box to protect the breast forms after use.
3- One 100% cotton Softleaves breast form cover with each form .
4- Two breast pads .
5- One Softleaves Double-Sided skin adhesive tape 2.5 cm x 3 meters to be used if you want to make the breast form self-adhesive and stick to the skin .

Please note that the item will be sent in a discreet packaging

  • This sale is for a complete set of Softleaves D100 High Quality Silicone Breast Form than contianes ( 1- one Softleaves D100 Breast Form 2- One Softleaves Double-sided adhesive tape to make the breast form self-adhesive 3- Two breast pads 4- One Softleaves cotton breast cover that is used if you dont want the breast form in direct contact with the skin or to make the breast form more comfortable 5- One Softleaves Travel Box with blister inside it to protect the breast form
  • Size : This breast form is suitable to be used with bra size 30C or 32B or 34A or 36AA
  • Dimensions of the form is : 13.5 x 12.5 x 4.5 cm , Wight : 180 g , Softleaves Breast form size is 3 , you can find the matching bra size on the chart provided in the photos .
  • There is a sizing table in the attached photos that shows you the size and dimensions and the suitable bra sizes for the form
  • Softleaves® D100 Silicone Breast Forms are very high quality full silicone breasts , Designed as enhancers for women with flat chest (very small or no breasts ), Water-Drop Shape to match the curves of the chest cage giving perfect fit and comfort; therefore providing the feel and look of having large breasts.· Symmetrical , therefore, both breasts can be used on either the left or right side. Undetectable, as they bounce, shape, and feel natural due to the ultra-soft silicone material which is encased in a thin polyurethane layer, providing the same homogenous structure as the natural breast . Designed to be used with almost any bra.Easy placement, durable, water proof and warm up to the body temperature.The breast forms have their own nipple impressions as can be seen in the photos .Two extra breast pads will be provided to be used, if you do not want the breast in direct contact with your skin. A Cotton Breast Breast Cover will be provided to be used, if you do not want the breast in direct contact with your skin and want them covered for more comfort . Softleaves Double-sided skin adhesive tapes ( included with this sale ) are tested to be used with them to make them stick perfectly to the skin .Double side adhesive tapes and most attachments can be used with these breasts . The breast forms are waterproof and can be used for swimming .