Stretch Elastic Woven Webbing Canvas Rubber Belt with Extra Strong Nickelfree Buckle. Comfort Elasticated


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The woven elastic belt has a very high comfort and a lot of people can wear this belt. The pin of the buckle can fit through the entire belt. Super Easy! The belt is made of elastic material and this is why everybody can wear this and you can enjoy a high comfort. The elastic belt is perfect to wear during holiday, work For exampel on shorts or on a chino. The woven elastic belt is available in many colors.

  • The Belt is very comfortable to wear because of the Elastic Rubber stretch material
  • The Belt is woven and the pin of the buckle can fit through the entire belt. No Holes needed!
  • The Belt is 1.29 Inch wide ( 3.3 cm. wide) and The Belt can easily stretch up to 6 In (15 cm.)
  • The Woven Stretch Belt has a Strong Nickelfree Buckle.
  • You can wear the belt on many outfits and is delired with a Gift Box. Brand: Safekeepers – Comfort Line