This design features the kanji 'Shun Goku Satsu' (literally translated as 'Instant Hell Murder') and the move command on the front, with the infamous kanji symbol for 'heaven' on the back, all rendered in glorious blood red. Ideal for holding your...

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Caitlin's boyfriend is missing, taken and being held by a power she only knows as 'the darkness'; the only way she can save him is to tap into her newly discovered Fae power. The only catch? She doesn't know how... To say that Caitlin is...

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Caitlin's family was hiding something from her. During a school exchange in Europe, Caitlin is given an opportunity to trace back her family lineage. Desperate for answers Caitlin jumps at the opportunity to uncover the secret that has been...

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The Fierce DEMON Gaming PC is impressively fast! It features the powerful AMD A-Series A8-7650K Quad Core Processor, running at a lightning 3.8GHz Turbo. Match this with a huge 8GB of 1600MHz RAM/Memory and you'll get performance you'd only...

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