The Gilded Tour: 7,000 Miles Around the World. No Planes. No Problem.


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7,000 miles. No planes. Crazy right? Who would travel halfway around the world to meet Turkish soap opera starlets, fueled by homemade wine and a fear of flying? Stephen, that’s who.

Not since a tramp named Clemens traipsed around the Holy Land has a tale of travel been so adventurous, irreverent, and entertaining.

This is the travelogue of two young historians making their way from San Diego California to Istanbul Turkey without ever getting more than 10 feet off the ground. A penchant for 19th century Europe has them following the storied Orient Express, dealing with hairy Eastern European border crossings and potentially being arrested by America nearly 5,000 miles from home.

A hilariously entertaining, life altering, adventure not to be repeated responsibly. Luckily… you can read about it.