Untamed (A Bad Boy Secret Baby Romance)


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I never told him about the baby…

How did it come to this? Me, pregnant with his child?

Duncan tore through my life like a tornado through Kansas. A reckless bad boy, he set his eyes on me and never took them off.

His hot lips stole my mind, his possessive hands stole my body, and his azure eyes stole my soul.

He took me, made me his, and he never, ever stopped.

Then I got pregnant.

My father wanted to take my baby away, raise it as his own. So I had to run! It was the only way.

But I know Duncan is coming for me. I know he wants his family back.


She was off-limits. I got her pregnant.

The moment I saw Dee, I knew I had to have her as my own. I fell into her endless eyes, and her touch ignited my molten obsession.

The way she felt, the way she smelled, the way she tasted… she was always my burning need.

We were meant to be a family, but she disappeared.

She never told me she was carrying our baby. I found out, anyway.

I know her father is after her, wants to take her child… our child.

I’m not letting my family go. I’ll make her mine again, and I’ll protect our baby.

**Note: Untamed contains the full-length bonus novel Uncaged for a limited time only.**

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