WATERPROOF LEATHER HEATED MITTENS. Comfortable mitts with rechargeable 7.4v battery heated carbon fibre pads above & below hand.


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G2 Mittens are next generation Warmthru Mitts. ‘G’ is for Generation – this is the first major redesign of our popular Hotmitts brand. They come in two types, Waterproof and Water-Resistant. The Water-Resistant have a palm-zip which permits finger exit while still wearing the mitts, useful for eating snacks or making a quick phone call. It is not possible to make a mitten with such a feature completely Waterproof hence the 2 types. The Water-Resistant will be fine in light showers but will permit water ingress in heavier conditions.

  • Great heat choices. Powered by one 7.4v battery per mitten. Red button: 3 hours heat 98c; White button: 5 hours 70c; Blue button: 9 hours 50c. Batteries and charger supplied as Standard.
  • Variable heat settings with push-button temperature control on exterior – choose more or less battery time – higher or lower temperature – Simple!
  • Fabric is Waterproof Goatskin leather and rubber.
  • GOLFERS – there’s an elasticated loop in the wrist area which is perfect for hanging on your golf bag when you take your shot.
  • Five Sizes available: XS, S, M, L, XL. See Size Chart. Note: we may supply a travel adaptor if we cannot offer a charger plug correct for the purchaser’s country.